Progress Being Made, Keep Applying Pressure

As a quick update, the City of Miami met with FDOT in support of furnishing temporary protective barriers along the MacArthur Causeway during construction on the Venetian. FDOT said it has little qualms with the idea, but simply needs the County to support the effort with some level of funding for the barrier installation.

Now is the time to contact the  County Mayor, your County Commissioners, and specifically Bruno A. Barreiro of District 5. All the contact information  can be found by clicking the “My Commissioners” tab above.

Remember, there will be future bridge closures on the Venetian while each bridge is upgraded and improved. Thus, we need to set a safe precedent for alternative non-motorized routes  between the Miami and Miami Beach so that future closures include the proper response.

Your advocacy work is helping us make a difference, please take five minutes of your time today and contact the appropriate representatives.

8 Responses to “Progress Being Made, Keep Applying Pressure”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Wow, why would a commissioner’s office answer the phone on a Thursday afternoon? Only answer was a lady that didn’t speak english and told me to call a different number. How frustrating.

  2. 2 Ken

    District 4 Beach Office has people there, but the folks we need are in a meeting… waiting for a call back…

  3. 3 Mike Lydon

    Thanks…keep calling.

  4. 4 Mike

    Thanks for staying on track, Mike. I will call Friday.

    Question: what is the ballpark figure of funding we are talking about here?

  5. 5 Mike Lydon

    Good question, I don’t have those numbers. A meeting that will occur this morning may give us a better a idea.

  6. 6 richard

    FYI I contacted mayor Diaz and he said he would get in contact with the right people. I’m not sure how much say he has in this however, just trying to get in contact with as many people as possible about the issue.

    There’s a meeting today between FDOT and the county. I’m sure we’ve pressed enough for this to be a relevant topic on their list of things to discuss.

  7. 7 Rob Jordan

    In the name of making it easy for people to get involved, perhaps you could post district maps and contact info for those who may not know their district.

    City districts map and contact info:

    County districts and contact info:

  8. 8 Tony Garcia

    Hey Rob, if you look at the ‘My Commissioner’ tab above, we do provide a zoomable County map and the links for Dade County Commission and City of Miami officials. Thanks.

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