Venetian Causeway Update

Thanks to everyone for making phone calls and writing emails and to Rydel over at Miami Bike Scene for the PSA (below).  To update you all on the current situation, the County will have no ability to implement a protected barrier along the MacArthur Causeway.  Moreover, we have been told that the scheduled work on the MacArthur is not set to begin until this July, which poses no conflict with the closure and resulting detour for the Venetian Causeway. Thus, we must now turn our efforts toward FDOT.

Readers have told us that the following people are the appropriate contact:

Brian Rick

Public Information Officer of the Dept. of Transportation

305-470-5349, or e-mail

Please pick up the phone again, or write an email to express your concern. Remember, we are asking for a temporary barrier to be placed between the shoulders and the right-most travel lanes so that bicyclists and pedestrians may have safe passage between the City of Miami and Miami Beach during the month of May.

Venetian Causeway (Miami Beach) Closed Thru May from rydel high on Vimeo.

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  1. 1 Mike

    I think the number you posted is the incorrect one that Delfin gave me this afternoon. I made the mistake of posting it in the comments of the other thread before actually calling. Then I called and it turns out it is the number to the Sheriff’s Office.

    You can reach the FDOT Public Information Office at 305-470-5349.

  2. 2 Felipe A

    PWD gave me this contact email after the MacArthur Causeway bicycle accident last year. Give him a try too.

  3. 3 Mike Lydon

    Ahhhh! Sorry for all the confusion folks. The phone number is correct, as Mike wrote it above.

  4. 4 Mike

    Thanks for keeping at this, Mike.

    Beyond voicing concern for our own personal safety and passage, do you have any good talking points?

    For example, how many cyclists & pedestrians use the Venetian on a weekday?

  5. 5 Mike Lydon

    Hi Mike,

    About a year ago I volunteered to do pedestrian and bicyclist counts for the County. I sat on the Venetian for two hours on a weekday morning.I can’t remember the exact tally for the two hour stretch, but it was over one hundred for each mode. Probably not too much less than the number of motor vehicles.

    Furthermore, a sub-consultant did similar bike counts for the County (you can download the whole study on the County MPO bike/pred website.

    They had two sets of data, one for a weekday morning (7-9am) and another weekend day from 12-2pm), done once in winter and once in the summer. The total counts are below.

    Weekday: 105 users
    Weekend: 288 users


    Remember, these numbers may represent close to peak hours of use, but regardless you can likely find more than a thousand people a day using the Venetian as non-motorists, especially during the cooler months.

  6. 6 Anonymous

    The Delphin told me to take the bus. It doesn’t sound like the ideal solution.

  7. 7 Mike Lydon

    No one would say that to the motoring majority!

    The great benefit of walking and bicycling as a mode of transport is that, like a car, you have a great level of flexibility in your route, speed, and choice. Plus it’s free. The bus, with its bicycle racks, will indeed be an option that I will exercise, especially if they won’t protect us. However, I fear not be able to take first available bus if the bicycle racks are both being used.

    Not the ideal solution is right.

  8. 8 Ken

    Hey all, just spoke with Brian Rick and he is also not the appropriate contact. He passed me on to the bike coordinator for FDOT. The bus was suggested as an option, which I agree is not the ideal solution by any means. It was also mentioned that the county CAN do something about this, they just have to work with FDOT. I’m expecting a call back from FDOT later today with info as to what the county and they have worked out and will keep you all posted. I was also told that David Henderson at the county would be the appropriate contact person there

  9. 9 Ken

    Here’s what I was just sent….
    Pedestrian and Bicyclists Detour:
    Pedestrian and Bicyclists that use the Venetian Causeway on a regular basis to travel to and from Miami and Miami Beach are encouraged to use the following detour route for their safety. Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) will be providing circulator bus routes on the east and west side of the Venetian Causeway’s bridge closure. The circulator bus will take you to the Omni bus terminal in Miami or the Lincoln Road bus terminal in Miami Beach for those individuals that normally use the Venetian bus service. Once at either transfer point, you may transfer to a Miami-bound bus route or to a Miami Beach-bound bus route. The Metrobus routes that will provide this service are C, M, S, K and the Night Owl. Metrobus fare will be enforced throughout the bridge closure.

    Looks like it’s bus, or risk death… and in my experience the bus isn’t too reliable. I’ve got a business to run, so I’m just going to have to exercise my right to the road as a bicyclist…

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