Action Alert: Stop Sprawl, Say No To Senate Bill 360

Clean Water Action is rallying the anti-sprawl troops. Click here to quickly tell your senator that you do not support repealing anti-sprawl legislation.

This bill would remove critical growth management authority by the state’s Department of Community Affairs; eliminate transportation concurrency and Development of Regional Impact review in some communities.

Strong growth management laws were established to protect our communities from overdevelopment. In tough economic times, it is smart to manage our tight financial resources in way that encourages long-term regional cooperation and planning. Water is an example of a finite resource we need to protect. Whether it is time wasted in traffic, dropping home values, increasing infrastructure deficits or decreasing quality of our life and water supply, in Florida - sprawl costs us all!

Developer over-speculation and not the regulation of Florida’s growth management process contributed to Florida’s economic collapse. Now those same developers are trying to use the financial crisis to eliminate oversight and limit public participation.

3 Responses to “Action Alert: Stop Sprawl, Say No To Senate Bill 360”

  1. 1 Robert Mann

    While it’s true that Jacksonville doesn’t have the Metro-Population of it’s sisters to the South, in area, we lead the pack. Sprawl is just what we need up here… God help us.

    If they allow this to go through I wonder if we bloggers should start a clock and record how long it takes for the Jacksonville City Limits to overlap the Miami City Limits!
    SPRAWL? Certainly the reason I’d visit Florida, NOT!

  2. 2 Mike Lydon

    Thanks Robert, sadly, our overlap is not that far from reality!

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