Pic o’ the Day: LRTs & Park Space

I know, we’ve been slacking on some of our regular features, but trust me, we’ll be back on a normal schedule within the next few weeks.  In any case, this new modern metro is one of my favorite examples of how well streetcars/LRT can be integrated with the surroundings and park space.  Although this picture is devoid of pedestrians, I can assure you this area is bustling with activity today.  Can anyone name the city?

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  1. 1 Collin

    With the exception of the overhead wires and poles, it appears almost seamless into the greenery. This is very interesting. Though I like the greenspace, the LRT is far from the buildings, which appear to look new and the mountains in the background. Is this somewhere in Nevada or Calorado?

  2. 2 joel

    bilbao spain, im guessing….

  3. 3 Niels

    Yes, indeed Bilbao. I used to leave near the tram. To the right of this picture is the Guggenheim museum, and I used to live in the street on the left of where the picture was taken. I believe the library that was under construction (in the left) is finished by now.

  4. 4 Adron

    I was going to say either France or Spain somewhere. Beautiful shot.

  5. 5 joel

    i used to live in madrid and saw these grass crawlers on a friends facebook page about a week ago.

  6. 6 Adrian

    Transit Miami I wanna know if you have heard on Metrorail Expansion, Tri-rail Funding, Miami Light Rail system lately and is the Worldcenter going to get approved. Because by looking at that picture it makes me wonder why the local gov. saids we are going to turn Miami in to a crucial global city. if they cant give us a diversified transit system like this city idf you read this can you please respond

  7. 7 Adrian

    well judgeing by waht appears to be a semiarid climate it looks like a city in spain maybe Madrid. because france will have a greater amount of greenery, nevada does not have such a system and if they do i am upset miami does not have one, can be colorado because of more greenery is needed and Madrid is working on expanding its metro so i am going with Madrid

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