The Congress For The New Urbanism listed their ten most endangered freeways. Too bad none are in Miami.

Skoda tests new streetcars in Prague.

Should the two Presidential candidates debate the future of our cities?

I’m currently in Washington D.C. Too bad I didn’t have my wheels yesterday…

Recycling may get easier, more predominant on the Beach. Finally. Now it’s Miami’s turn.

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  1. 1 Ellen

    Re: DC bike ride. Mike, did you look into renting a bicycle? The route for that bike race looks great, past a lot of national treasures. Is it an annual “thing”? I am looking into a folding bike now made in Oregon called Bike Friday, very pricey, but the product is supposed to be great with top notch customer service. Anytime I go anywhere in the future, my folding bike will accompany me so I’m not left “wheel-less”.

  2. 2 mike lydon

    I too would love a folding bike. If I had one, I certainly would have hopped into the ride…

    Unfortunately, I did not look at renting a bicycle, or even using the city’s bike share because I have been working virtually the entire time I have been here. In fact, I was walking to the metro to get to work when I noticed all of these bicyclists taking over the streets.

    Let me know if you move forward with the folding model. I may have to look into one.

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