Alligator Alley Stupidity

Anyone else left scratching their heads in disbelief over this:
“Desperate to generate more money for road projects across the state, Florida transportation authorities are moving ahead with a plan to lease Alligator Alley to a company that would have the power to set the tolls it charges.”

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  1. 1 MiamiCane

    What about the fact that in addition to “fattening profits” (and in some cases instead of) the increased tolls go to fixing the quality of the road and even (god forbid) expanding it so there is less congestion. Also if they don’t lease the road, they will raise our taxes to get the money. This offers a choice between everyone paying for it, including those in Tallahassee who will never use it, or those who actually use the road paying for it, which seems reasonable.

  2. 2 Peter

    it makes perfect sense to me that they would do it. the only question is, will the public allow it to happen.

    ‘private road’ scams are a dime a dozen these days, and there’s about to be a fire sale. watch for propaganda trickling out of Hoover and Heritage and Cato - and into your local daily op-ed section. private companies will promise the world on 50 year leases, long after the public officials responsible for these deals are out of office and unaccountable.

  3. 3 JM Palacios

    They already studied that leaving roads such as these in the hands of FDOT could generate more money in those 50 years than leasing it. Leasing it, however, gives us more money NOW to build roads. Its in line with the other things that Crist wants to do for the budget, raiding the reserves so we have money to fix this years’ budget crisis, without worrying about next years. Plus, FDOT needs money to replace the $2 rental car surcharge that Tri-Rail is poised to steal from them. Everyone’s looking for a quick fix.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Quick fixes pave the road to financial insolvency.

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