Transitography 10

Bonneville Salt Flats, originally uploaded by gm_blogs.

In the spirit of Miami catching up with the rest of the country today with the opening of our first E85 Fueling Station…

Ryan will be back later today to discuss why E85 really isn’t all it’s cut out to be…

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  1. 1 Anonymous

    Ethanol takes more energy to make than it gives back, just like Hydrogen. Which is why these sources of fuel are not good for driving with, their only good at getting politicians elected when they sling them around on an uninformed public. Electric cars are the best (assuming their not powered by natural gas or oil plants, but rather wind turbines, nuclear or solar).

  2. 2 Anonymous

    It is unfair to say Miami is “catching up”, because, in reality, very few places still have E85 fuel.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    Very few counties, and cities have any E85. I always see county and city cars that have the flexyfuel logos, that always amused me because their was never any alternate fuel. So where is this station?
    Maybe in a few years they will be commonplace.

  4. 4 Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal

    My fault guys, I looked at general statistics, pure numbers of cities with E85 gas stations and not the actual cities themselves. Turns out we beat even Boston in getting an E85 Station first…Next time I’ll look for where rather than how many…

    Anon 1- You are correct, Ryan will be mentioning that today…

  5. 5 Dave

    Ethanol is a terrible fraud perpetrated on ignorant people. It is far worse than gasoline in that it takes more energy to make than it saves and it results in basic staple food shortages to the most disadvantaged people on this earth. No wonder GM is sponsoring its use!

  6. 6 Just Great!

    Ahh… Now we starve the poor all over the world so that we can drive our fat arses to Burger King and buy those rain forest destruction super burgers.

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