It has been announced, to the excitement of many, that the new design for Miami Art Museum will be announced during ART BASEL 07. This couldn’t be more appropriate considering that the architects hometown is in fact Basel Switzerland.
I thought it would be a good time to consider just what we might be in for. Here are several images of recent projects by the duo of Pritzker Prize winning architects.Whether it be residential interiors in NYC, or a stadium in Germany one confounding truth is that their work is so varied and site specific, it is almost impossible to even attempt to forecast any design model for Miami.For those eagerly awaiting the unveiling, I hope this little taste helps.


10 Responses to “WHAT’S IN STORE”

  1. 1 Anonymous

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  2. 2 Chris Mora

    I like how the hill slopes up the building in the 2nd picture.

    Kinda creates a natural couch out of the grass.

    And I wouldn’t mind having the apartment they designed either.

  3. 3 James Wilkins

    Thank You anon, for that generous compliment. I could not find a blog icon at that website.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    how cool was that last building it looked like a dna tree. weird, cool.

  5. 5 John Paul

    do you guys know the location and what the name is of that last building?

  6. 6 James Wilkins

    It is a proposal for a tower in St. Petersburg Russia. Alreadya city wildly celebrated by lovers of architecture. There are several outstanding entries in the competition.

  7. 7 Xavier

    I’m sure Peter the Great would approve.

  8. 8 MAM must raise $108 Mil

    Miami cannot afford anything from Herzog unless the patrons of the Miami Art Museum can raise $108 Mil in private money.

    Miami Beach people have much more money and more geneeosity.

  9. 9 James Wilkins

    Well I hope they can support the arts with their deep pockets and generosity. MAM is just as much for Miami Beach residents as Miami residents. It should become the modern art center for all of South Florida, and I think it will.

    It will also be a nice little jewel for them all to see from the fabulous highrise beach apartment on the beach. The way that PAC glows at night.

  10. 10 A building with no parking?

    The PAC glows as a $600 Mil monument to stupidity.

    The PAC is a testament to bureaucratic blunders.

    The PAC is a textbook case on how to make one mistake after another…

    Why does Miami-Dade County have to keep repeating the same mistakes?

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