Homeland Deficiencies

There is obviously a huge flaw in the US Immigration system. No, I am not talking about the cheap Mexican labor crisis (Notice that most people only care about who’s going to do the low-wage, menial labor jobs in the US). That being said lets analyze why. Here we have the case of two, hard working, innocent Lithuanian twins. They were raised in the United States and are daughters of criminals recently extradited back to their home country. These two girls have opportunity knocking at their door if they are given the chance to live in the United States (They once called it the ‘Land of Opportunity’ not ‘The Land of Democracy Spreaders’). Instead, the heartless, misgoverned, and irrefragable decisions of the department of homeland security are to ship these girls back to Lithuania for a life of misery and hardship. Ok, maybe we are going to extreme here, but it is a safe assumption that these girls would lead more successful lives in the United States than in Lithuania. Now, here we are trying to pass a bill that may provide millions of undocumented illegal aliens US citizenship, while at the same time are shipping a couple of teenagers off to live in an orphanage. I guess what they are trying to tell us is that if you arrive here illegally, are willing to pick tomatoes for $5 an hour, and we have no clue who the hell you are to begin with, you can stay; but if you are a documented Lithuanian teenager who poses the threat of (__Insert Ironic Threat here__) then you have to go back to an orphanage in Lithuania. We all know how well the Department of Children and Families is operated here in the US, so we can only imagine to what atrocities these girls will be returning to. So much for the so-called justice system…

Image Courtesey of: Jewish World Review

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