Back on Track

It seems that South Florida residents are starting to get the hang of taking public transportation and walking to their destinations, however, just not in the way our transit authority would like. Ridership numbers for Metrorail and Metro Mover continue to steadily increase as more South Florida Commuters grow impatient with traffic. Now, we just need to get people from walking on the track when Metro Mover malfunctions and we’ll be all set. A walk along a 20+ foot high electrified catwalk doesn’t seem like our ideal commute, but at least they got the right idea. Hopefully the new cars one day coming from Bombardier will not have a button that allows riders to control the doors. Thanks to Critical Miami for finding the article. Until then, keep riding…

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  1. 1 Anonymous

    I read most of the articles. Just about everything I read made perfectly good sense……. TH eunited states is all about money money money… and specially in miami…….
    I had a sister that left the states when she was 17 to go study in spain…and after that she neer came back to live.. she now resides in Melbourne Australia…..
    I really enjoyed reading the articles… Keep up the good. work and, I ; Also look forward to leaving the states one day!……….

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