Tunneling to Success

It appears that the FDOT is finally putting their ideas to a good use, other than the generally useless road expansions we continue to see across South Florida. Useless I say because in the long term this widening constitutes no major changes to the increasingly clogged expressways and streets of Miami. This project on the other hand will actually help reduce congestion where it will soon be needed most, in Miami’s core along the new rising scrapers. The Port of Miami Tunnel, will effectively reduce Traffic through our Central Business District (CBD) and will make our city streets cleaner, safer, and more pleasant to walk around. Though major challenges lie ahead, the completion of this project will further improve Miami’s status as a world city, able to complete massive Public works and urban infrastructure problems. With proper foresight, the FDOT should also to work on establishing special travel lanes for cargo only along the 836 and 826 to ensure the movement of goods in and out of our port…

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    This would be great if it goes through!

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