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Hello from Tallahassee. I was at the Capitol today, meeting with our state leaders in my role as Director of the South Florida Bike Coalition. I met with  State Representative Julio Robaina, former mayor of South Miami and current member of the House Transportation Committee. We spoke about state-wide issues, of course, but I was most impressed with how attentive he was to our concerns related to the Sunset Drive project. I wrote him a quick email over lunch and within an hour, I received the following response – reminding us that reaching out to our representatives when we need them is important and, in this case, effective. I am eager to see what, if any, response we get now from FDOT. It strikes me that it is easier to get a meeting and even just an email reply from Tallahassee than it is from Miami.



Kathryn, I apologize for FDOT and them not responding to you. As you know, this project is in my district and its another one of my priorities. I will make sure that they all call you back. Let me know what happen and I will also advise the Mayor and Commissioners.

Julio Robaina   -   State Representative   -   District 117

Ph: 305.442.6868/850.488.6506 Fax: 305.442.6870

| 6262 SW 40th St (Bird Rd) Suite 2E | | Miami | FL | 33155

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8 Responses to Urging Representative Julio Robaina to Support Bike Facilities on Sunset Drive: Success!

  1. TM says:

    Awesome. keep up the pressure both local, district, state. We need some Miami Beach supporters- now we are getting thru at miami and coral gables city halls and some at the county.


  2. Angel says:

    Big whup! Another bike service for the “white belt” in south Dade. You know that shangri-la that exists somewhere around Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay. All the greenways, trails and whatever seem to happen here a lot. What? Perrine, Miami/Biscayne, Hialeah? People don’t ride for fun there. The ride for their LIVES!

    Glance at whatever lists of studies or projects related to bikes and you get this small sliver or triangle of upper middle/upper class areas, predominantly populated with whites and certain types of hispanics. These NIMBY-thugs even want to convert railways to bike trails. As if there was no need for available land for future commuting for those who could only afford boonie homes but work the shopping malls.

    The rest of the county ride on the street, yo. Go further south and ask a Mexican what a greenway is and he’ll point at the ditch an SUV will one day leave him in to die. Spare me your politico-butt-kissin’.


  3. Ellen says:

    I like Robaina’s quick response…amenable to bike lanes, he gets my vote in November. Angel, I understand your angst. I ride for my life almost every day. What steps are you taking to speak to your representatives in your area about bike lanes/greenways, signage, etc.


  4. Kathryn Moore says:

    Go Ellen!
    Angel – we at focus on this project because it is one moving forward and we want to cover its progress. Personally, I think that just because people in under-served areas have less facilities does not make these or any other areas less deserving. Did I understand you correctly?
    Furthermore, bike lanes do not equal greenways. That’s another kind of facility altogether and, fyi, one that I think Hialeah could use a lot more of – after the area gets a real network of transportation-oriented bicycle routes. Thank you for your comment.


  5. Angel says:

    Ellie, Katie, spoken like residents of that aformentioned area. And way to turn the whole “concern about bike services” to someone who mentioned the discrepency. It probably would’ve been harder to join in the “outrage”. Though that might take away from what y’all are getting in return for your silence. Well, except for that disparaging remmark about Hialeah… you forgot it rhymes with “diarrhea”. So original.

    The majority of bike related projects take place in certain well-to-do, southern areas. The people who dream them up live in these areas. They, you, look at bikes as “recreational” and buses as ickky (technical term). None of you use these modes. The closest you come to the masses is Metrorail. And maybe that so-called trolley in the Gables. India and China are laughing at you. For those who don’t own a car, buses and bikes ARE the modes of transportation. These modes ARE mass TRANSIT, Miami!

    F-Y-I, really? Lanes, greenways and trails. Spaces where cyclists can travel in relative safety?


  6. Angel says:

    Such a hillbilly. I done wrote “remark” all wrong.


  7. Angel says:

    Oh, I just wanted to mention something not so related. FDOT is a laugh. They will not respond to you or anybody, unless a politico tells them to. Their response to making I-395 in downtown less of a wall between neighborhoods is to make it HIGHER. While the urban planners say sink it like St. Louis and L.A. did – making it less of an eye-sore, visually connecting that area, and possibly increasing development there. But FDOT say, “Higher is cheaper. FDOT like cheaper. And uglier, like FDOT. We smart engineers.”

    These are the same folks who backed up a billion dollar tunnel to the port AFTER the politicos were sold on a profit-making scheme. For a few million an inconspicuous elevated road would’ve taken the trucks straight to the highway. And let us not forget 95Express which costs $300+ mil to make but only grosses $1.4 mil a year. It’s got a 30-year mortgage to pay back but no one counted on the maintenance and operation costs. FDOT is in the business of keeping FDOT employed. Business plan: selling smoke machines and mirrors.


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