The FDOT has managed to do it again- leading cattle to slaughter.  In this case the cattle are pedestrians.

Transit Miami took the FDOT to task about two years ago before they began their current resurfacing project on Brickell.  After shaming the FDOT to make improvements for pedestrians they conceded and included a few more crosswalks on Brickell.  This is one of the crappy crosswalks we got on SE 14th Terrace and Brickell.

There is no traffic calming whatsoever along Brickell  Avenue and the travel lanes are very wide and encourage speeding. Two blocks away we documented 4 accidents in less than two years on Brickell and 15th Street.  Clearly speeding is a problem here and the mere presence of crosswalk isn’t going to slow down drivers.  To make matters worse, the “Yield to Pedestrian” sign is hidden behind a tree.


A driver doing 40 mph will not see this sign behind this tree; nor will they slow down for pedestrians.


The FDOT just earned themselves and F-.


Why can’t we get these on Brickell Avenue?  Is it because Brickell Avenue is controlled by the State?

These would be a great addition to Wynwood. They are effective and help calm traffic.


You can let Gus Pego, FDOT District 6 Secretary, know how bad of a job they are doing by sending him an email.


2 Responses to The FDOT’s newest “deathwalk” on Brickell

  1. Benito de la Castellana says:

    Brickell Avenue is a mess. FDOT did a poor job on this important roadway. Such a shame.


  2. Rima says:

    WHy can’t they raise the crosswalk with a little bump? That is not expensive, easy to do, and will certainly slow down traffic.


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