6th crash in three years at the same exact location. Brickell Avenue and 15th Road

6th crash in three years at the same exact location. Brickell Avenue and 15th Road

Here we go again… A few weeks ago there was another crash on Brickell Avenue and SW 15th Road.  This is the sixth incident in about 3 years that I have seen debris from crashes at the exact same location.  I’m not sure what FDOT and the city of Miami are waiting for, but apparently nothing will be done here until someone is killed. Sadly this will likely happen within the next three years.

Looks like the bench was launched about 50 feet.

Looks like the bench was launched about 50 feet.

The Echo Brickell project has just been announced and construction will begin soon at the very exact location where all these crashes have occurred.  This project will have 175 units with retail on the ground floor.  If the design of the road remains the same, we should expect a nasty accident with a lot of injuries once the project is completed. FDOT and the city of Miami have been put on notice. If nothing is done immediately both will have blood on their hands.

You can also send an email to FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff to see if they plan to do anything to address the design speed on Brickell Avenue.  I think it is evident that we have a problem here.


11 Responses to The Brickell Avenue “Death Curve” Sees Another Crash

  1. Craig Chester says:

    I think there have been way more than 6 crashes at this location in 3 years. It was also recently worked on with no safety improvements about 1.5 years ago.


  2. You’re probably right Craig. These are crashes that I have personally seen. It would be great if we could somehow get a 5 years crash report for this location.


  3. Alyce says:

    Alan Ojeda, developer at 1450 Brickell, had plans drawn up for a European style traffic circle – non-starter for FDOT. A traffic circle would make the intersection safer.


  4. Kevin says:

    How wide are the travel lanes here? Perhaps they need to be narrowed.

    Alyce- A traffic circle is not a bad idea. I had never considered it for that intersection, but that could be the perfect solution for that intersection.

    With Echo planned to start construction soon on that site, the City should work with the developer to remedy that intersection now. That intersection is so dangerous, there’s probably been more than 6 crashes there in the past 3 years.


  5. Alyce,
    I really like the traffic circle idea. Do you have copies of the plan Alan had drawn up? I’d like to post them on Transit Miami.

    Travel lanes are too wide. I think they are at least 11 or 12 ft. The stretch of road from 25th to 15th street needs traffic calming urgently. FDOT continues to ignore the problems on Brickell Ave.


  6. Gables says:

    People on this site always comment on FDOT ignoring safety issues, but what we never discuss is why. If there is a constant stream of crashes, why would FDOT not fix the problem. That’s what I don’t understand and no one seems able to to explain.


  7. Gables says:

    People on this site always comment on FDOT ignoring safety issues, but what we never discuss is why. If there is a constant stream of crashes, why would FDOT not fix the problem. That’s what I don’t understand and no one seems able to to explain.


  8. Mickey says:



  9. Matthew Toro says:

    The problem, Felipe, is that 11 feet lanes are, by FDOT standards, already extremely narrow.

    Only under very unusual circumstances will FDOT even consider 10 foot lanes, which are the absolute “thinnest” they can legally consider.

    There should be an ordinance promulgating that all lanes within the City of Miami’s CBD — for all practical purposes, let’s call it the area over which the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) exercises jurisdiction — should be required to be no wider than 10 feet.

    The problem comes when the owners of commercial properties insist on having wider lanes to accommodate their container/shipping trucks and other cargo shipments.

    In any case, 11 and 12 feet lanes should be the exception, not the norm.

    A traffic circle circumscribed by WIDE CROSSWALKS would help tremendously.


  10. Gables says:

    While we are narrowing the travel lanes to 10 feet, can we use the extra space for either protected bike lanes or wider sidewalks and landscaping?


  11. Mike Arias says:

    Brickell Roadway Public Safety Concerns for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

    As a long term public safety roadway advocate a valuable opportunity ( in terms of costs and traffic disruption) was unfortunately overlooked and / or lost when the Brickell roadway and other similar ones were recently redone by FDOT which also applies to other local roadway entities as well.

    Since the width of the travel lanes is of a concern for FDOT and commercial vehicles that are traveling on this roadway I do not understand why then they did not take 3 ft of space on each side of the center median divider on this roadway (which is available and sacrificed some green space in order to enhance the public safety of the numerous bicyclists riding in this area.

    I believe this is would have been a prudent compromise to hopefully prevent collisions from occuring between motor vehicles and bicyclists injuries, and fatalities in order to save lives by providing a 3 ft bike lanes on the sides of this roadway in order to accomodate the bicyclists and to seperate them from passing motor vehicles that are traveling on this roadway although this is not failsafe it is much better than the current conditions existing on this and other roadways throughout Miami Dade.

    As we all know many of the vehicles are speeding ( traveling 10 or 15 mph over the posted speed limit 45 or 50 mph or more) in this congested area with distracted, reckless and impaired drivers behind the wheels of vehicles) on this high volume and dangerous roadway for pedestrians and bicyclists as well.

    Installation of elevated overhead crosswalks which are much needed on this and other raodways throughout Miami Dade with inclined or circular ramps to facilitate use for everyone would also be very beneficial for pedestrians, bicyclists, baby strollers and the handicap residents as well.

    Although there are numerous safety initiatives by various non profit organizations to encourage bicyclists to ride their bicycles on the public roadways to and from work, or walk to work as well many of the roadway officials are apparently simply out of touch with numerous potential safety hazards currently existing on the public roadways for the pedestrians, bicyclist and motorists as well.

    Ironically, they then wonder why Miami Dade is currently ranked # 1 in the State in these statistical categories and 4 th in the Nation which is simply pathetic with the majority of the injuries and fatalities occuring are preventable thru better designed roadways.

    Apparently, based on my personal experiences in dealing with them they are more concerned with enhancing the aesthetics appearance of the roadways with landscaping them in liue of addressing the numerous safety deficiencies currently existing on the roadways and making Safety a top priority on All local and State roadways for all resident / taxpayers and visiting tourists as well which is in everyones public safety vested interests.

    Perhaps with numerous concerned residents repeatedly voicing their safety concerns ( which at times is discouraging) to their elected local, and State officials and thru the mass media forums like this one perhaps eventually someday ( which is my goal as a pro bono public safety roadway advocate these existing safety issues will hopefully be addressed and resolved as well.

    If you as a concerned resident / taxpayer see a hazardous public safety issue existing on the public roadways please report it to the roadway agency or an elected official, and / or by calling 311, or * 347, get involved and periodically follow up on it as well in order to hopefully correct the problem.

    In the interim if you are a pedestrian or a bicyclists riding on the public roadways throughout Miami Dade County be very careful of your surroundings since it is undoubtedly a very dangerous and challenging feat to hopefully Arrive Alive to your intended destination.


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