I’m feeling the bicycle love right about now. Not only did we have a local and state bicycle month with a bike to work week, but we also have a national bicycle month with a national bike-to-work week. That’s this week, May 12-16. Friday the 16th is bike to work day for those who can’t do it every day. The League of American Bicyclists promotes this event, so check out their site here. But most important of all, get on your bicycle this week and rest easy about the near $4/gallon gas prices because you won’t need to fill up as soon. Take that, Big Oil!

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3 Responses to National Bike to Work Week

  1. stefan says:

    been riding my bike to work on a regular basis for quite a while already. it’s a six-mile-roundtrip. i nearly got hit again last week (on a damn crosswalk and yes i had green light). let me tell you, women + SUV = death. get your lazy ass off the fucking phone and concentrate on the road, bitch!


  2. Collin says:

    I was just in NYC and they put bike lanes all over the place, and the result hundreds of people that I saw riding bikes, and tons of bikes on every block. This makes a difference in commuters attitudes toward riding around town.


  3. JM Palacios says:

    Sorry to hear about your near miss, stefan. It’s typically most dangerous crossing in a cross walk with a green light, as drivers forget they have to yield when turning even though they have a green. Unfortunately, they’ll do that even without a phone to their ear!

    I dream of the day gas hits $12/gallon. Maybe then the dangerous cars will get off the road and everyone will be on a bicycle. :-D


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