Myth: Bicycling is a fringe activity in Miami.

Our pic of the day shoots down that idea pretty fast.

Fun facts:
40% – Percentage of U.S. adults that would commute by bike
if safe facilities were available (1995 Rodale Press Poll)

40% – Percentage of all trips in America that are shorter than 2 miles = a 10-minute bike ride or a 30-minute walk (1995 NPTS)


3 Responses to Pic O’ the Day – Dispelling the Myth

  1. Meghan says:

    Well done! This is awesome.


  2. Mari Chael says:

    Fringe activity? Families, kids, and folk in their 80’s and older bike. What planet do these people who say it’s a fringe activity come from?


  3. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    It’s the same view people have about transit, and I’ve never found anything more condescending when motorists say, “Oh, nobody uses public transportation,” which, really what they mean by that is “nobody” they deem important or worth knowing uses public transportation because that is not what I see when I move around the tri-county area by bus, rail and bike. There are also stats to prove that thousands of South Floridians board our buses and trains everyday. #irksome


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