Friday Briefs

  • Planetizen: DPZ planner Mike Lydon has devised the Top Ten Reasons You Know You Are an Urbanist

  • Streetsblog: How Bogota has transformed itself from a traffic choked city to a thriving cycling and transit city

  • Miami SunPost: Hundreds of thousands of Miami-Dade trailer park residents could be forced from their homes


Dave said...

Where did the Sun Post get that "hundreds of thoudands" figure from? I just looked up the Census data and there are a grand total of 14,674 mobile homes in Miami-Dade County. I find it hard to believe you could fit more than 50,000 people in them much less "hundreds of thousands".

Ryan Sharp said...

You've got a point, Dave. However, whether it's 15,000 or 50,000 people, that is a massive number who could potentially be without legitimate housing. Given the county's embarrassing record when dealing with affordable housing, this is something we must be very concerned about.

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