Hollywood Revival

The Hollywood- Young Circle Arts Park has been impressively executed. The centrally located new park is a strong indicator of Hollywood's very serious commitment to creating a livable exciting environment for its residents.

Many of the right notes were hit in this redesign of a delinquent public space. Water features as well as beautiful planters (beautifully planted) and progressively designed lampposts, benches and playground rides abound.

The arts center building is boldly envisioned and yet aesthetically accessible to the masses. An adjacent outdoor performance space holds great promise for building a strong community. Perhaps the one significant criticism is the lack of shade trees. Although they are not non-existant, my September visit to the park was, notably, a sweltering experience. The inclusion of mature Ceiba trees as a gateway to the park is nothing less than regal. Hopefully the shade trees that have been planted will fill in nicely over the coming months and years. The park is a major achievement, both civic and aesthetic, and should be looked at as model to be emulated throughout South Florida.


Chris said...

Whoa! whoa! Hold your horses...

That's in South Florida? Impossible. I expect to see a cookie cutter concrete bunker ASAP. And please paint it that peachy color that is everywhere. (include the new 836).

Water features? That are not drinking fountains? Impossible.

b.a.c. said...

Great post and commentary. Your on point that this should be a model for all South Florida green spaces. Cheers